Change Of Pickup Location This Evening

Due to the weather this evening we have moved inside Birchall. Please pick your cadet up there this evening rather then the parade square. 


Banquet Reminder

Any outstanding money owed for banquet tickets needs to be brought into tonight as it is overdue.  If there are any issues please let us know asap as we will not be able to accept money at the door and unfortunately you will be turned away.  We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to seeing everyone Saturday evening.

Gliding Weather Update – Delayed Start

I have just been in touch with the gliding centre and as of right now the ceiling will be too low to fly first thing tomorrow morning.  They are bumping the timings back and I will have an absolute yes or no to whether we will be flying by 9:30am.  If the weather clears up we will start gliding around 11am and you’ll be able to drop those cadets who’ve signed up off at that time.  If there are any questions, please let us know.  I’ll keep everyone updated as quickly as I can.


Capt Bourque

Weekly Events 29 May – 06 June 2017

Monday, May 29th

  • Flag Party, Band and Drill 1800-2100 at Birchall

Tuesday, May 30th

  • Staff Meeting 1800-1900 at Birchall

Wednesday, May 31st – ACR Practice

  • 1815 – 2115 – Cadets can be dropped off and picked up at the parade square in order to maximize our practice time.
  • Only Warrant Officers should be arriving prior to 1815.
  • Dress: Summer dress C2B (Reference for orders of dress)
  • Band members please bring your instruments

Friday, June 2nd – ACR Practice

  • 1815 – 2115 – Cadets can be dropped off and picked up at the parade square
  • Dress: appropriate civilian attire
  • Band please bring your instruments

Saturday, June 3rd – ACR

  • Staff will arrive for 0800 and cadets are to arrive 0900 
  • Dress: cadets should arrive in appropriate civilian attire, females should have hair up prior to arrival. Cadets are to bring their C1 uniform with medals. Uniforms should be pressed, badges sewn on and boot polished prior to arrival
  • Lunch: will be provided
  • ACR: cadets will fall in for 1230 and ACR will commence at 1300 followed by static displays and reception at Birchall. Clean up should be completed by 1500
  • Banquet: cadets and guests are to meet at the legion at 1730 for 1800, please refer to previous post regarding dress ( Banquet info )
  • Dance: will be at the legion after dinner from 2000-2200


  • Cadets attending summer training please ensure you hand in your signed offers to Admin if you have not done so already whether you are accepting or declining
  • Staff cadets please ensure you hand in your paperwork to Admin if you have not done so already. This was emailed to you this past Friday.
  • Joining instructions for both staff and cadets has been posted, please refer to the following link (Joining Instructions)
  • Reminder to complete the Canada 150 Celebration event sign up form, more info along with the form can be found at the following link: Canada 150


Gliding Info for May 28th

For those cadets who’ve signed up for gliding this Sunday please arrive at Birchall for 8am and expect to be done by 1pm.  Since this activity is dependent on weather and how many aircraft are available there is a possibility this activity could be finished earlier or later and we will update everyone as quickly as possible if there’s major changes.  Cadets are encouraged to bring snacks and other activities to pass the time while they wait their turn to fly.  Lunch will not be provided.

As of right now, all cadets who’ve signed up are able to go.  We will be able to accommodate any last minute interest on a first come first serve basis.  Here is the current list of cadets who are expected to be there:

Sgt Chega
FCpl Crowell
LAC Ellingwood
Cpl Carson
FCpl Gray
AC Carr
FCpl Hutchison
FCpl Frittenburg
FSgt Scott
Sgt Jamieson
Cpl Peterson
AC Lariviere
Cpl Rezendas
Cpl Lambert
Cpl Shaw-White
FSgt Vezina
Sgt Ouellet
WO2 Defosses
LAC Matheson
LAC Young
LAC Hennessy
Cpl Ouellet, D
AC Scott
Cpl Macintyre
If there are any questions, please let us know.