Canada 150 Celebrations

Dear Parents/Cadets

As mentioned before ACR we have been asked to participate in the Canada Day Celebrations held here in Greenwood.  517 has always been outstanding in assisting our military counterparts whether it’s through volunteering at the mess or assisting with the legion for Remembrance Day.  The local Canada 150 celebration is finally a way for us to give back to the local communities where we all live and go to school.  In exchange for our participation, Greenwood will be erecting a pillar with all the names of those who helped make the day so special as a way to signify our importance in the community.

While this event is not mandatory, I really urge all of you to participate (and enjoy the day!). Please let us know through social media just to give us an idea on the numbers however you are welcome to show up the day of.


Capt Bourque


For the Parade:

  • In full dress uniform.
  • Meet at the Sobey’s parking lot in Greenwood for 10am. Capt Bourque will be there to meet you.
  • Any cadets interested in getting fitted into a historical military uniform please message us ASAP.  You need to be about 5’6″ to 5’10”.
  • You will be done before lunch and can change out of your uniform for the rest of the day.

For the bottle collection fundraiser:

  • We will be assisting with keeping the grounds free of litter and in exchange we get to keep all the recyclables.
  • Parents/families are invited to help assist with this as well.
  • Starting at noon on the hour every hour those who are available will meet Capt Bourque (or other available staff member) in front of 107 Valley Wing and do a quick sweep of the grounds. Checking in with a staff member will be important as attendance will be taken so that your volunteer hours can be counted towards next year (position selections, summer camp, etc…)
  • Please wear appropriate civilian clothing. Bring water and sunscreen.
  • The last sweep of the grounds will be around 11pm after the fireworks.  This one will be the most important (and could use the most parent support) as this is when everyone will be clearing out.
  • Other then that, you are free to enjoy the day.

If there are any questions or concerns, please let us know!


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