Level 5 Weekend

Sept 2-3 we will be conducting a Level 5 Weekend. We understand that this is early to begin training and that it is a long weekend, but we would ask that cadets seriously consider attending.

We will be discussing expectations for the training year, the future of the squadron, assigning instructors, having workshops on PSRY, time management, mentoring, stress management and leadership. The content in this weekend is geared at not only providing cadets with tools to become better leaders in the cadet squadron but also outside in their personal lives.

Important information:

  • Arrival is 0800 hrs at Birchall Training Center on Saturday, September 2.
  • There will be a kit inspection upon arrival and cadets will be required to declare any medication that they have with them.
  • We will be spending the night at Birchall Training Center. There are no beds, bring an air mattress or foam pad.
  • Dress for the weekend is appropriate civilian attire with lanyard, rank and nametag.
  • Pick up is at 1600 hrs at Birchall Training Center on Sunday, September 3.
  • Please email the squadron (517fltgraham (@) gmail.com) if you are unable to attend.
  • Lt Roberts will be making phone calls to confirm attendance on Wednesday, August 30th.
  • Kit list is here

Please forward any questions or concerns to the squadron email.


Air show reminders!

Just a few points for day two of the airshow:

  • Meeting at 0830 at the parking lot by Hangar 4.
  • If you are a new volunteer tomorrow you need a waiver and a food handling form signed! If you are under 16, you NEED a parent’s signature.
  • If you volunteered today and were given a t-shirt please don’t forget it!
  • Water and sunscreen!
  • Please no backpacks or anything that needs to be hidden away if possible. There is not really anywhere to store personal belongings and the parking is far away from the VIP tent where we are working!
  • We were later than 1600 today and likely will be done/getting to the parking lot around 1630 or so tomorrow. It took about an hour and a half for the base to empty out so be prepared for lots of traffic.

Air Show Update

Here are some more details for the Air Show:

  • Arrival has been pushed to 0830. Expected finish time is still 1600.
  • There is parking for volunteers behind 2, 4 and 5 Hangar. Try to carpool if possible.
  • Everyone is asked to please make sure you are wearing comfortable sneakers. Anyone wearing flip flops or other unacceptable footwear will be sent home.
  • Ensure you have sunscreen and a water bottle. Water will be provided.
  • Lunch will be provided to all volunteers. Please email us regarding any dietary restrictions NLT 1600 hrs Thursday.
  • There is no smoking on the base.
  • The back gate (by the PMQs) will be closed during the air show.
  • All cadets are asked to bring a lanyard (if they have one), their rank slip-on and their blue name tag.
  • Dress is comfortable shorts (in good repair) and a comfortable pair of sneakers. A t-shirt will be provided upon arrival.
  • Children that must be supervised and thus not able to independently volunteer are not allowed to be without direct supervision. This means that volunteers are not able to both be a volunteer and supervise a child. If this changes your ability as a parent/adult to volunteer please let us know.
  • Maps can be found here 

In discussion with the Air Show Coordinators, we ARE able to have those that are not direct family members or cadets volunteer with us. They will work with us and count towards our volunteer man hours, however for any liability or issues that arise they will be considered individual volunteers and the air show will take responsibility for them.

Those that are willing to give us a hand are to contact us via social media to give us names and shirt sizes ASAP.

There is a waiver, a good food handling practices and a volunteer handbook. If possible, please read and sign the waiver and good food handling practices.  We will have copies of the waiver and good food handing practices on hand for signatures.


handbook1.jpeghandbook.jpegScan 4Waiver

F-18 Arrival Tomorrow

We have been invited to see the F-18 arrival for the Atlantic Air Show tomorrow (Thursday, August 24). We understand this is last minute, but any cadets that are interested are more than welcome to come.


Meet Lt Roberts at 4 Hangar parking lot NLT 1415.

Cadets MUST be in uniform C-2B.

Please direct any questions to the Facebook page if necessary.

Air Show Update & Recycling Depot

We have some more information on tasks that we will be in charge of at the air show.

We will be helping the the following areas:

  • Premium Seating Area (200 seats)
    • Working at the gate (ticket sales, taking tickets, giving out bracelets)
    • Ensuring area is clean
    • Showing people to their seats
    • Food service (take orders, maintain condiment table, runners to mobile kitchen)
  • VIP Tent
    • Setup and maintain food table
    • Serve guests
    • Ensure area is clean
  • Individual Chalet (Sunday only)
    • Serve food and drinks
  • Bouncy Castle
    • Help run and supervise

We are still looking for volunteers! Please if you are able to volunteer fill out this form HERE.

 Lastly, we now have an account with the Greenwood Recycling Depot. When dropping off recycling you can tell them that the money is going to 517 Air Cadets and all the money will go directly to the squadron. This is an easy way for us to raise some money. 

Air Show: Volunteer Still Needed

As of right now we’re still incredibly short on volunteers for the Airshow the weekend of August 26-27.  The timings each day are 8am-4pm.

We currently need:

Saturday: 6 more adults, 10 more cadets

Sunday: 5 more adults, 6 more cadets.

If you are able to help out, please fill out this form ASAP.

This is a great way to get into the airshow for free and help fundraise for the squadron!



Starting Up the New Training Year

I hope everyone had a good summer.  With only a week left of summer camp we’re finally in the initial stages of getting ready for the 2017-2018 training year.  While timings will be confirmed over the next week or so, here are some upcoming dates to keep in mind:

Greenwood Airshow – Aug 26th & 27th

  • The timings have been confirmed as 8am-4pm on both days.  I am still looking for more parent and cadet volunteers.  There is a possibility for us to receive some financial compensation for our time which would be a great early start to our fundraising.
  • Please fill out this form if you are available and haven’t already: https://goo.gl/forms/9oHIVrdheJdADrO32
  • Further information will be passed down later on this week.

Staff Meeting – Aug 28th

  • First monthly staff meeting of the year and the official unpacking of the unit for the year.
  • 1800-2100 at Birchall.

Level 5 Training Workshop – Sept 2nd-3rd

  • This overnight activity is for new and returning level 5s and up.
  • This mandatory weekend is to prepare you for your responsibilities as classroom instructors and the senior leaders within 517.  It will also cover the mandatory classroom material required to pass level 5.  Should you be unable to attend it is important you let us know asap.
  • More information will be coming out once summer camp is over.

Welcome Back BBQ – Sept 6th

  • This is an event for the whole family and an opportunity to bring a new friend who might be interested in joining cadets.  There will be games and activities run by the senior cadets during the BBQ.  Please wear appropriate sports attire.
  • We will be updating everyone’s personal files as well as providing a chance to get into supply to sort out any uniform issues before the year begins.
  • There will also be a parent meeting with Capt Bourque in order for her to touch base before the year really gets on it’s way.

Battle of Britain Parade – Sept 17th

  • held in the afternoon

Gliding – Sept 30th

  • Held at CFB Greenwood

If there are any questions, please let us know.  We will not have access to our phones until after the 28th so continue to reach out through our social media and we will get back to you asap.