Weekly Events for December 11th to December 17th

Weekly Events for December 11th to December 17th
Monday December 11th
All activities cancelled.
Tuesday December 12th
Flying Scholarship 6pm-9pm at Birchall is currently tenative. More info to follow.
Wednesday December 13th
Squadron Mess Dinner at the Kingston Legion for 6pm. This is a cadet only mess dinner and a mandatory event. Cadets are to be in cadet mess attire, which is full uniform with a white shirt and a bow tie. If any cadet is unable to acquire these items, please see a staff member.
Thursday December 14th
No Biathlon
Saturday December 16th
No Range Team practice
Things to Note:
Cadets will be on Christmas Break from the 14th of December to the 3rd of Janurary.
New cadets MUST have all their initial paperwork completed including photocopies of their documents handed in BEFORE they can attend any extra activities.
Morfee Building is located on School Rd and is the same building as the Greenwood MFRC

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