Update for June 3-9

It’s finally here! It’s ACR week, time to shine and show how hard you have worked this year.

It’s going to be a busy week.

Monday June 3 at Morfee Centre 
615 pm to 8pm Band – Bring your instruments, you will be practicing with the Wing Band again
615 to 715 pm – Flag Party
8 – 9 pm – Drill Team – all members this will be last time you will be able to have a full practice before ACR.
Rifle Team Practice

Tuesday June 4 at Birchall 
630 pm for those who are going to work on display board you will be given time or you can pick up materials and take them home.

Wednesday June 5 at Arena 
615 -9pm Parade Practice/ Display practice
– Band Bring instruments
– Full Uniform – Dress rehearsal – Inspection. This will give you a chance to fix anything before ACR
– Those cadets holding parade positions, it is important you be there for parade practice.
– Please remember to bring your form for the Banquet to let us know what you are bringing and how many are attending.

Parents meeting at 7pm in the Lounge in Birchall to address any questions about ACR and Banquet

Friday June 7 at Arena 
615pm to 9pm Parade Practice/Display Practice
– Band bring instruments.
– Civvies with parade boots for practice.

Saturday June 8 at Arena

ACR – all details in a previous post

Sunday June 9 at Annapolis Mess (Upstairs)

Banquet – all details in a previous post

One thought on “Update for June 3-9

  1. Debra Keddy June 5, 2019 / 4:36 pm

    My son fl/cpl Keddy will not be attending tonight Wednesday June 5th as his father will be working late and can not drive him
    And he has not passed his slip for the banquet yet so.
    He will be attending with 2 additional family members. They will be bringing a plate of cookies

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