About 517 Sqn

As well, 517 Sqn falls under the following civilian command structure with the Air Cadet League:

Squadron Organization

The Squadron is commanded by the Commanding Officer, as well as a Squadron Warrant Officer who is directly in charge of all the flights of cadets. Each flight is commanded by a Flight Sergeant and has a body of non-commissioned officer staff (Flight Corporals and Sergeants).

Level System

The level system is a nationally standardized set of classes designed to teach cadets the core subjects of the Air Cadet program, such as general cadet knowledge, leadership, drill, aviation, instructional technique, outdoor survival, citizenship and more. All cadets are in a level, and must learn about the necessary subjects, usually by attending the classes. Cadets normally advance through the levels on a level per year progression, though considerations are sometimes made based on prior cadet experience or age.

Teams and Groups

Most cadets are encouraged to join at least one team during the year, which can include the band, drill team, flag party, the range team and others. Teams maintain their own chain of commands which usually consists of a team officer, team commander, and the team members.


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