Seniors Survey Reminder

All seniors for the 2017-2018 training year are asked to please fill out this survey. This will help us to plan for next year (including instructors positions!!).

You can find it here.

The following cadets HAVE completed the survey (thank you!!) and we have your responses:

  • FSgt Scott, A
  • FSgt Yade, R
  • Sgt Chega, N
  • Sgt Jamieson, J
  • Sgt Ouellet, A
  • FCpl Phuong, B
  • FCpl Walsh, S

Weekly Update 5- Jun to 11-Jun

Monday, June 5th

  • Optional activities are done for the training year.

Wednesday, June 7th

  • All staff and level 5s (and up) are required to assist with the packing up of the squadron for the summer
  • Cadets are required from 6:30pm till 8:30pm

Saturday, June 10th

  • Backup Gliding Day from 8:00am till 4:00pm at Birchall
  • Due to the technical difficulties we had on our last gliding day we were offered a backup day weather permitting
  • This is only available to those cadets who did not get a turn in the glider last May, everyone else is welcome.  There are currently 30 spots available so please message us to let us know if you are interested in going.
  • Lunch is NOT provided so please bring your own food and activities to keep yourself busy while we wait.  The dress is comfortable civilian attire.

Sunday, June 11th

  • Decoration of the Graves in Middleton. This is a MANDATORY parade for all cadets and you can find out more about the significance of the parade here.  Cadets are expected to be in full dress uniform with medals and to arrive at the Middleton DMV parking lot (see map below) for 6:00 pm.  The parade will begin at 7:00 pm.  This is a relatively quick parade so parents are encouraged to stay and leave once your cadet is finished.


Upcoming dates to make note of:

  • Wednesday, June 14th will be our parent meeting in regards to summer camp.  This is a mandatory meeting for both the parents and cadets of those who have officially been selected to attend summer training
  • This will be held in classrooms 9 & 10 in Birchall from 6:30 pm till 8:30 pm.  Staff will be available to answer any questions.

Updated ACR Location

Due to the continued forecast of rain both the parade and reception afterwards will be held at the base arena. Timings are still the same. Please drop your cadet off at the arena for 9am (uniform on a hanger) for set up and one last practice. If there’s any questions, please let us know. 

Banquet Reminder

Any outstanding money owed for banquet tickets needs to be brought into tonight as it is overdue.  If there are any issues please let us know asap as we will not be able to accept money at the door and unfortunately you will be turned away.  We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to seeing everyone Saturday evening.

Gliding Weather Update – Delayed Start

I have just been in touch with the gliding centre and as of right now the ceiling will be too low to fly first thing tomorrow morning.  They are bumping the timings back and I will have an absolute yes or no to whether we will be flying by 9:30am.  If the weather clears up we will start gliding around 11am and you’ll be able to drop those cadets who’ve signed up off at that time.  If there are any questions, please let us know.  I’ll keep everyone updated as quickly as I can.


Capt Bourque