Summer Training

Each summer cadets are able to attend summer training courses to further their training in various aspects of the cadet program. Cadets must apply for these courses as there are a limited number of spots. Cadets from 517 will attend training at one of several Cadet Training Centers including Greenwood Cadet Training Center (GCTC) in Greenwood Nova Scotia, HMCS Acadia in Cornwallis Nova Scotia, Regional Gliding School (Atlantic) (RGSA) in Debert Nova Scotia, and Argonaut Cadet Training Center (ACTC) in Gagetown New Brunswick.

Applications for camps are completed by the staff between November and March depending on the course.

– Familiarization Course 

General Training (GT) 2 weeks GCTC

– Aviation

Basic Aviation Course (BAC) 3 weeks GCTC

Advanced Aviation Course (AAC) 3 weeks GCTC

Basic Aviation Technology and Aerospace Course (BATAC) 3 weeks GCTC

– Drill and Ceremonial

Basic Drill and Ceremonial (BDCC) 3 weeks GCTC

Drill and Ceremonial Instructor Course (DCIC) 6 weeks GCTC

– Survival

Basic Survival Course (BSC) 3 weeks GCTC

Survival Instructor Course (SIC) 6 weeks GCTC

– Fitness and Sports

Basic Fitness and Sports Course (BFSC) 3 weeks ACTC

Fitness and Sports Instructor Course (FSIC) 6 weeks ACTC

– Marksmanship

Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor Course (ARMIC) 6 weeks ACTC

– Military Band

Basic Musician Course (MB-BMC) 3 weeks HMCS Acadia 

Intermediate Musician Course (MB-IMC) 6 weeks GCTC

Advanced Musician Course (MB-AMC) 6 weeks GCTC

– Pipe Band

Basic Musician Course (PB-BMC) 3 weeks ACTC

Intermediate Musician Course (PB-IMC) 6 weeks ACTC

Advanced Musician Course (PB-AMC) 6 weeks ACTC

– Staff Cadet

Advanced Training 7 weeks various


– Advanced Aviation Technology

Airport Operations (AATC-AO) 6 weeks Canadore College, North Bay, Ontario

Aircraft Maintenance (AATC-AM) 6 weeks  Canadore College, North Bay, Ontario

– Advanced Aerospace

Advanced Aerospace Course (AASC) 6 weeks St. Jean, Quebec 

– Pilot Scholarship

Glider Pilot (GPS) 7 weeks RGS(A)

Power Pilot (PPS) 7 weeks various

– International Exchange

International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE) various lengths various 

More information on the courses are available here.