Valley 107 RCAFA Charter Night

Saturday October 14, 2017
Reminder for Valley 107 RCAFA Charter Night, Dress is C2B – summer dress – with ribbons; NO lanyards, timings 630 -9, Please ensure pants and shirts are pressed and boots polished.


Orienteering Team Info!

Orienteering Team!

Drop off for the Orienteering competition will be 1800 hrs at Birchall on tonight. We will be driving to Shearwater and staying in barracks. Please ensure that you have dinner before leaving. Breakfast and lunch on Saturday will be provided. I am not sure when we will be back on Saturday – likely sometime in the late afternoon. We will give a call when we leave Debert.

Make sure you bring whatever you needs for overnight – linen will be provided at the accommodations.

For the competition you will need to dress in layers. Long pants that won’t rip (and aren’t jeans) are recommended. Along with a windbreaker/rain shell.

If you have a watch, please bring it.

Please make sure you have a water bottle.



Junior’s Weekend Information

This weekend Oct 14 and 15th is our Junior’s Weekend.

This is an opportunity for the Level 1s and Level 2s (first and second years) to complete some mandatory training. What this means is that cadets that do not complete this training will likely be held back from promotions and may not complete their training level this year. This is in accordance with our national training standards and documents.

Saturday will be range from 9-4 at the Morfee Center (where we had CO’s Parade). Cadets that have not shot independently before will be given classes on range safety and proper firing techniques. All cadets in attendance will be given the opportunity to shoot. This is mandatory for level 1 and 2 cadets. Not participating may hold you back from promotions in the future. There will likely be no opportunity to make up this training this training year. Cadets who are being moved up to level 3, or were moved up in previous years and HAVE NOT shot independently before may attend this training however they MUST sign up by Wednesday night. Dress is appropriate civilian clothes.

Sunday will be a garbage clean up in Greenwood. Pick up/drop off point will be at the Greenwood soccer field and this will also be 9-4. This again is mandatory for cadets to attend. There will be one other opportunity for cadets to complete this activity this training year however we encourage all level 1 and 2 cadets that can come to please sign up and attend. Dress is appropriate civilian clothing and please dress for the weather with layers.

Lunch is being provided on both days. If cadets have dietary restrictions they need to make that known on the sign up sheet. As well, if cadets are only able to attend one day, please ensure that is also noted on the sign up sheet. We need accurate numbers for the lunch.

Any questions should be directed to the squadron email for Lt Roberts to answer.


Gliding on Sunday

Sunday gliding is in two shifts.

Shift 1 is 0800 until 1200.

Shift 2 is 1300 until 1700.

We do still have some spots open, so if cadets wish to drop by they are more than welcome.

Dress is appropriate civilian attire.

Please bring some snacks and something small to occupy yourself with in case we have to wait for weather or in between flights. Books, cards, a small handheld device or a small board game are good ideas.

Pick up and drop off is at Birchall.

Please monitor the website/facebook page the night before and the morning of gliding in case we have to cancel or push to the afternoon for weather.


The following opportunities are available in the near future:

Level 5 Regional Workshop: 

  • When: Sept 22-24
  • Where: Aldershot (cadets must be transported by their parents. If this is a problem, and you would like to participate please inform Lt Roberts).
  • What: A regional Level 5 Workshop with senior cadets from all 3 elements in the Greenwood Zone. This can be completed at any point during a cadets Level 5 program. This means that if a cadet cannot attend this year and they have another year in the program, they can wait and attend next year.
  • Who: Level 5 cadets that have not previously attended a Level 5 Regional Workshop. This is NOT what the cadets attended Sept 2-3 at Birchall.
  • Confirmation of attendance needs to be given to Lt Roberts NLT 1800 hrs 11 Sept along with any dietary needs.
  • More information will be given after all members have been confirmed.

Regional Cadet CWO Advisory Council

  • The Regional Cadet CWO Advisory Council’s mandate is to:
    • a. attain continuous feedback to improve the cadet program to include betterment of the program and cadet retention;
    • b. receive constructive criticism to improve support and activities for Corps and Squadrons;
    • c. for council members to provide their input/experiences on attendance at local activities. Information gathered will enable the leadership within the Canadian Cadet Organization (CCO) to determine best practices for Corps and Squadrons when conducting outreach activities; and
    • d. to participate in council meetings as scheduled.
  • This is open to cadets that are FSgts to WO1s.
  • Cadets must be available to participate in bi-monthly teleconferences and actively participate in local cadet and community activities;

  • Cadets must not age out until after the completion of the 2017/201 $ Training year

  • Interested cadets are required to provide:

    • a. cover letter applying to participate in the CWO Cadet Advisory Council; and
    • b. Résumé; and

    • c. two letters of reference

  • Deadline for applications is Sept 20 2017.

Orienteering Competition 

  • This year’s orienteering competition is being opened to all 3 elements so we (for the first time) have the ability to attend.
  • Interested cadets are to sign up on the sheet on Lt Roberts’ door on Wednesday, Sept 13th.
  • The competition will be on 14 Oct 2017 in Debert.
  • Cadets should be prepared to attend prep sessions on Thurdays 6-8 (run concurrently with biathlon practices – interested biathletes are more than welcome to sign up) if there is enough interest to enter a team in the competition.

Welcome BBQ Details

Our Welcome BBQ will be taking place on Sept 6th at Birchall.

This event is for cadets, parents, families and any new people that are interested in cadets. We will have registration packages available for anyone that is seriously interested in registering.

Please arrive between 1830 and 1900 at the field behind Birchall. The food will be available during that time. A parent’s meeting will take place at 1900 with the CO. Following the parent’s meeting, Annual Validations will be handed out for all parents. We will start winding down around 2000 hrs, however the staff will stay around longer if necessary to talk to parents and/or cadets.

Cadets are to wear sports gear and are encouraged to bring a friend that is interested in joining cadets. We will be running a competition this year to see who can bring the most friends to cadets. The new cadets have to join by the end of October and still be active by the end of December. There will be a prize for the cadet that brings in the most friends.

Cadets are also asked to try on their uniform prior to coming. Any uniform parts that do not fit are to be returned/exchanged at the BBQ.

Staff, please arrive NLT 1800 to help set up and BBQ.

Level 5 Weekend

Sept 2-3 we will be conducting a Level 5 Weekend. We understand that this is early to begin training and that it is a long weekend, but we would ask that cadets seriously consider attending.

We will be discussing expectations for the training year, the future of the squadron, assigning instructors, having workshops on PSRY, time management, mentoring, stress management and leadership. The content in this weekend is geared at not only providing cadets with tools to become better leaders in the cadet squadron but also outside in their personal lives.

Important information:

  • Arrival is 0800 hrs at Birchall Training Center on Saturday, September 2.
  • There will be a kit inspection upon arrival and cadets will be required to declare any medication that they have with them.
  • We will be spending the night at Birchall Training Center. There are no beds, bring an air mattress or foam pad.
  • Dress for the weekend is appropriate civilian attire with lanyard, rank and nametag.
  • Pick up is at 1600 hrs at Birchall Training Center on Sunday, September 3.
  • Please email the squadron (517fltgraham (@) if you are unable to attend.
  • Lt Roberts will be making phone calls to confirm attendance on Wednesday, August 30th.
  • Kit list is here

Please forward any questions or concerns to the squadron email.