Corn Maze Timings and Parents Meeting Reminder

To clarify this weeks update, the timings for the Corn Maze will be from 1pm-3pm.  Thank you to those who brought this missing info to our attention.

This is also a reminder that there will be a parents meeting tomorrow at 7pm.  We will be going over the many upcoming activities as well as providing more information on how as a parent you can help support the squadron.  There are several fundraisers and community events that we could use occasional adult support for (similar to the Air Show).  If you are interested in helping out in this way, please attend the meeting tomorrow or pass a message through our social media.


Air Cadet League

The National Air Cadet League is having an online auction of merchandise/services as a means to generate much needed revenue to support the work of the League.

The auction is being hosted at an online auction site for non-profit organizations called eFlea. The link to the ACL auction is .

As a point of consideration, the Air Cadet League funds the maintenance of all gliders and tow planes that are used across Canada.  These activities would not be possible if it wasn’t for the support of the league.



Air Show: Volunteer Still Needed

As of right now we’re still incredibly short on volunteers for the Airshow the weekend of August 26-27.  The timings each day are 8am-4pm.

We currently need:

Saturday: 6 more adults, 10 more cadets

Sunday: 5 more adults, 6 more cadets.

If you are able to help out, please fill out this form ASAP.

This is a great way to get into the airshow for free and help fundraise for the squadron!



Starting Up the New Training Year

I hope everyone had a good summer.  With only a week left of summer camp we’re finally in the initial stages of getting ready for the 2017-2018 training year.  While timings will be confirmed over the next week or so, here are some upcoming dates to keep in mind:

Greenwood Airshow – Aug 26th & 27th

  • The timings have been confirmed as 8am-4pm on both days.  I am still looking for more parent and cadet volunteers.  There is a possibility for us to receive some financial compensation for our time which would be a great early start to our fundraising.
  • Please fill out this form if you are available and haven’t already:
  • Further information will be passed down later on this week.

Staff Meeting – Aug 28th

  • First monthly staff meeting of the year and the official unpacking of the unit for the year.
  • 1800-2100 at Birchall.

Level 5 Training Workshop – Sept 2nd-3rd

  • This overnight activity is for new and returning level 5s and up.
  • This mandatory weekend is to prepare you for your responsibilities as classroom instructors and the senior leaders within 517.  It will also cover the mandatory classroom material required to pass level 5.  Should you be unable to attend it is important you let us know asap.
  • More information will be coming out once summer camp is over.

Welcome Back BBQ – Sept 6th

  • This is an event for the whole family and an opportunity to bring a new friend who might be interested in joining cadets.  There will be games and activities run by the senior cadets during the BBQ.  Please wear appropriate sports attire.
  • We will be updating everyone’s personal files as well as providing a chance to get into supply to sort out any uniform issues before the year begins.
  • There will also be a parent meeting with Capt Bourque in order for her to touch base before the year really gets on it’s way.

Battle of Britain Parade – Sept 17th

  • held in the afternoon

Gliding – Sept 30th

  • Held at CFB Greenwood

If there are any questions, please let us know.  We will not have access to our phones until after the 28th so continue to reach out through our social media and we will get back to you asap.


Volunteers Needed for Air Show Atlantic

On August 26th-27th, Greenwood will be hosting the Air Show Atlantic.  517 has an opportunity to volunteer with this event in order to help assist and serve mostly veterans in the VIP section of the airshow.  As of right now we do not have exact timings, however we have committed 30 people per day to help out.  This can be a combination of both parents and cadets.  The perks are admission and a free t-shirt!  Please indicate your availability on the form linked below.

***Please sign up as individuals and not as a family so that we can get a better idea on our numbers.  Let us know if you have any questions.***

Air Show Sign Up Link

Canada 150 Celebrations

Dear Parents/Cadets

As mentioned before ACR we have been asked to participate in the Canada Day Celebrations held here in Greenwood.  517 has always been outstanding in assisting our military counterparts whether it’s through volunteering at the mess or assisting with the legion for Remembrance Day.  The local Canada 150 celebration is finally a way for us to give back to the local communities where we all live and go to school.  In exchange for our participation, Greenwood will be erecting a pillar with all the names of those who helped make the day so special as a way to signify our importance in the community.

While this event is not mandatory, I really urge all of you to participate (and enjoy the day!). Please let us know through social media just to give us an idea on the numbers however you are welcome to show up the day of.


Capt Bourque


For the Parade:

  • In full dress uniform.
  • Meet at the Sobey’s parking lot in Greenwood for 10am. Capt Bourque will be there to meet you.
  • Any cadets interested in getting fitted into a historical military uniform please message us ASAP.  You need to be about 5’6″ to 5’10”.
  • You will be done before lunch and can change out of your uniform for the rest of the day.

For the bottle collection fundraiser:

  • We will be assisting with keeping the grounds free of litter and in exchange we get to keep all the recyclables.
  • Parents/families are invited to help assist with this as well.
  • Starting at noon on the hour every hour those who are available will meet Capt Bourque (or other available staff member) in front of 107 Valley Wing and do a quick sweep of the grounds. Checking in with a staff member will be important as attendance will be taken so that your volunteer hours can be counted towards next year (position selections, summer camp, etc…)
  • Please wear appropriate civilian clothing. Bring water and sunscreen.
  • The last sweep of the grounds will be around 11pm after the fireworks.  This one will be the most important (and could use the most parent support) as this is when everyone will be clearing out.
  • Other then that, you are free to enjoy the day.

If there are any questions or concerns, please let us know!

Camp Itineraries & Joining Instructions

All camp itineraries for course and staff cadets have been emailed. The email address they were sent from is If you have not yet received your camp itinerary please let me know. 

Also, just a reminder that the joining instructions can be found in my previous post here. Cadets and parents are encouraged to read through this document as it contains very important information.  In addition it includes forms relating to requests for parental pick up, medications administration etc. that need to be completed and on your person when arriving to camp. 

If you have any questions please let us know. 

Mandatory Camp Info Night for Cadets and Parents

Just a friendly reminder that those going to camp are required to attend tomorrow’s meeting at Birchall from 1830-2030 in the upstairs classrooms. Questions will be answered regarding camp and travel information will be provided. 

For those cadets who have any allergies requiring an epi pen and/or food allergies/sensitives must be there are there is paperwork you and a parent/guardian are required to complete in order to attend camp. This info was just given to us late last week. 

For cadets who have not submitted their signed camp offers please ensure you do so tomorrow night and this is required to be signed by yourself and parent/guardian to attend camp. 

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow night.